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Ballroom Workshops Series | Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive

Ogun Da Masa Dance Company | Gasverksgatan 3b, Lund


This autumn we welcome you to a new concept, a series of workshops with our instructor Brigitta Nagy where you will have the chance to get a deeper insight into Latin-american ballroom dances, learning many new and more complex patterns and technique. Every month we introduce one specific dance in two workshops. The first workshop is about learning patterns and specific steps to broaden our vocabulary in ballroom dancing. In the second workshop we focus on the technical part of these patterns and steps and you'll learn the details of the footwork, body movements, posture, balance, rhythm and timing.


The workshops aren't dependent of one another so you don't have to take the first one to be able to participate in the second.

It's not required to sign up with a dance partner, we rotate and change couples on a regular basis during the class.



All workshops are being held at 11:00-12:45.


Samba|Patterns 8/9

Samba|Technique 22/9


Cha cha cha|Patterns 6/10

Cha cha cha|Technique 27/10


Rumba|Patterns 10/11

Rumba|Technique 24/11


Jive|Patterns 1/12

Jive|Technique 15/12






Brigi & Eugene



150 kr/workshop

Student discount 30% - student card needed

Card payment only. Please come around 15 minutes before for payment - in that way we can start the class on time.



Through the registration form further down on this page.



Samba | This dance is about partying like in a carnival with a lot of travelling patterns and changing rhythms. Learn the different timing in samba and how to feel the music and use its pulsations. Have you ever heard about bounce? Without bounce you cannot dance a proper samba. Come party with us in September!

Links to samba music & dance.


Cha cha cha | This dance is about playfulness within the couple. The mood is very vibrant and energetic, there are a lot of hip-twists and turns with elegant postures, nice frame and beautiful lines. Do you struggle with finding the rhythm? You will be amazed by the amount of cha cha cha songs you can find in many different styles of music. What about doing a proper lockstep or Cuban break? These steps require different technique in body movements - figure out how in October!

Links to cha cha cha music & dance.


Rumba | This dance is a little bit slower than all the other Latin-american dances. This is about love, attachment within the couple and understanding each other through movements. All the moves and lines are about beauty. In style it's very similar to cha cha cha since many patterns have the same roots. However, as the music is a bit slower there is more time for proper body movements, beautiful big hip-twists and isolation. Rumba walks; the basic of everything. Sliding doors; the steps which never can be danced at the same time. Learn about connection and passion in this beautiful dance in November!

Links to rumba music & dance.


Jive | Let’s loose ourselves and enjoy a cheerful and very energetic jive. This dance has it's roots in the Swing dancing but the timing and technique is a little bit different. The main focus is on the super fast footwork, with kicks and chassés. Once you get into it you won’t stop smiling, this dance is so much about joy and happiness. Feel the rhythm, feel the beat and use the technique in a relaxed environment and happy mood. These workshops will bring light into the dark winter days in December.

Links to jive music & dance.






8th of December | Cuban Moves

Ungdomens Hus | Torpgatan 21, Malmö


Technique, coordination and knowledge of rthythms, learn how to style your salsa - a lo cubano! During the workshop you will learn how to switch between other cuban rhythms with salsa as a base, in a nice, fun and playful way. Knowledge that is useful both in solo improvisation and in the couple dancing.


This class we dance solo, not in couples.



Anier & Ida






At 10:00-11:30



130 kr

30% student discount - student card needed.

Card payment only.

Please come around 10 minutes before for payment.



Through the registration form below.






15th of December | Spinning Technique & Stretch

Ogun Da Masa Dance Company | Gasverksgatan 3b, Lund


WELCOME to a workshop in which you have the chance to improve your dancing skills through some plus technical stretching and turns from ballet. Learn about body posture, how to use the arms and how to be sharp but still in balance and with the right flow!


Either no shoes or soft indoor shoes. Bring a towel to sit on if you like.



Saturday 15/12

At 13:00-14:00









100 kr

Student discount 30% - student card needed

Card payment only. Please come around 15 minutes before for payment - in that way we can start the class on time.



Through the registration form below.





16-17 of February | Cuban Workshop Weekend with Diana Rodriguez

Ogun Da Masa Dance Company | Gasverksgatan 3b, Lund


In February we once again have the pleasure to welcome the talented and immensely popular Diana Rodriguez to Ogun Da Masa Dance Company!


Just like last time it will be a weekend filled with amazing workshops and of course there will be something for everyone!


Diana Rodriguez Garcia comes from the city Santiago de Cuba. She's studied modern and contemporary dances at the School of Dance Arts and has a graduation as a teacher and a dancer of Cuban folk dances. Among her accomplishments she's won several competitions of salsa and rueda de casino. Diana is based in Europe since many years and is travelling all year around to teach her knowledge and share her passion and energy on big international dance festivals.



10:00-11:00 Musicality

11:15-12:15 Salsa De La Calle (no need to register in couples)

12:30-13:30 Timba Con Despelote



12:00-13:00 Footwork

13:15-14:15 Reggaeton

14:30-15:30 Lady Style With Heels





230 kr/workshop

950 kr/full pass



Email following to

- Name and last name

- Phone number

- Adress (including country if you don't live in Sweden)

- Which workshops/full pass


Payment is made by invoice. Please note that once you've paid your registration is binding.



Info coming soon.



The Øresundstog (train) goes directly to Lund

55 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station

40 minutes from Copenhagen Airport

Our studio is situated less than 5 minutes from the train station in Lund









Jive | Technique 15/12
Cuban Moves 8/12 (Malmö)
Spinning Technique & Stretch 15/12
Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive Lund
Workshop Spinning Technique & Stretch